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Our AtHome Range Of Products

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Liquid Lipo Cellulite removal tanning Mist

  • Tans to Pigment

  • revolutionary False tan base, does not block pores, does not cause body odour.

  • Minimal transfer

  • contains a small concentration Liquid Lipo patented fat dissolve gel, allowing you to remove cellulite while bronzing.

  • contains skin soft ingredients, leaves your skin bornzed, soft and with less cellulite.

Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve Gel

Following Cavitation, or following in salon Liquid Lipo treatment why not continue the treatment in your own home? We sell 250 ml bottles, or 5 day 10 ml treatments.

  • Clinically proven to work in 3000 trials

  • Binds to fat cells, forcing fat out, this is then broken down and excreted naturally.

  • Works in a similar way to fat dissolve injections but enters the skin topically.

  • Amazing results.

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Hyaluronic Acid night and day cream


Hydra Osmosis Day Serum

  • Contains 4.4 % Hyaluronic acid

  • Hyaluronic acid carries 1000 X its weight in water into the skin.

  • Firms, Plumps, Hydrates.

  • It can extend the life of anti wrinkle injections.

  • Contains an SPF to protect your skin from the suns harmful rays

  • Can be worn under make up.


Rewind Night Cream

  • The ultimate product in skin moisturising

  • Contains 5% Hyaluronic acid.

  • The Strongest product in the world, other rival brands sell for upwards of £100 and contain around half the active ingredient.

  • Firms, plumps, hydrates

  • Use as an after treatment following our skin care treatments.

  • Described as a face lift in a jar.