Melanin Carota is a 99% carrot root tan maximiser, it contains the highest volume of carrot wax possible in a product and is vegan and natural.


Carrot root triggers the production of Melanin, it is natural and can cause Melanin production after only 2 to 4 days, tan injections on the other hand are unsafe and take around 7 days to have the same effect.


Carrots contain an essential oil that many claim is a miracle, it has numerous properties: it contains vitamin A, E and C plus antioxidants to fight free radicals, it prevents wrinkles, it is detoxifying, regenerative, it helps eliminate liver spots, and it is above all high in beta-carotene and vitamins.


That’s why we recommend carrot wax to get a radiant and tanned complexion! It can be used on sun beds and also prior to vacation where advise you to apply it a few weeks before your trip: as it is high in pro-vitamin A, it will strengthen your skin against ultraviolet rays and thus make you ready for your future sun exposure.


Carrot root can be used on all skin types but works well with normal skin type and olive skin, it will get your skin dark and fast.


Try Melanin Carota today and see the difference it will make for your tan.

Melanin Carota Tanning Wax