MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket - 399.99 -
Sauna Blanket 


30 TO 60 Mins





Sauna Blanket, all the benefits of a sauna but in clinic.

So much more than just heat


BODY SLIMMING -- Healthy weight loss and detoxification, relax your body, relieve physical fatigue. Fat is oxidized into carbon dioxide, water, and other oxygen compounds, as the sweat is eliminated from the body, keep pH balance, tighten skin, achieve a healthy weight loss effect.

BODY DETOXIFICATION -- Infrared rays Heat Sauna Blanket with unique penetrating power of the body, it can absorb far infrared rays. When these rays penetrates the skin, the deep thermal effects of the subcutaneous tissue promote better body circulation and helping to get rid of body toxins and metabolic waste

It can be used for 30 to 60 minutes, either as a stand alone treatment or prior to other treatments such as cavitation or Liquid Lipo.

Woman in a Sauna

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Benefits to the Sauna Blanket

1.Relaxes tired and aching muscles, can sooth joint and muscle pains.


2.Improves circulation, helps keep skin healthy, Improves body tone.


3.Rapid relief for arthritis and rheumatism. Can improve joint stiffness and promotes relaxation.


4.Has been known to improve fatigue, improve sleep quality, improve calories Burned and promote weight loss.

*** Image shown for illustration purposes only

"I had Liquid Lipo, followed by Cavitation and then the Sauna blanket, your practitioner explained that the sauna would help move the fat out of my body, it worked, I am not 7 pounds lighter and have lost 2 inches from my waist, I am beyond happy"

H Commons- Red Oak

"Just what I needed after a stressful week, thank you!""

J Peterson - Waxahachie

"Discuss with Jen about having this with Liquid Lipo, the results were shocking, I had hoped id notice a difference but didn't think it would be this good, I'm a convert"

M Spencer - Waxahachie.