Liquid Lipo

The future of fat dissolve is here

Non needle, non surgical 

Proven to work.


60 Mins





Although multiple sessions may be needed for optimal results

Remove fat effectively, without needles.

Research, evidence, results

Liquid Lipo is a revolutionary UK developed product. 

It shrinks fat cells forcing the fat within out, this is then flushed out by drinking water. It can be used on your chin, tummy, legs and arms amongst other areas, it has amazing results. 

In 3000 clinical trials Liquid Lipo was found to remove fat not water, it is now stocked world wide and I am an exclusive stockist in my area. 

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Benefits of Liquid Lipo

  • Fast results 

  • Destroys fat cells.

  • Quick and painless

  • Low risk of side effect.

  • Can be used to improve Cavitation results.

  • Non Surgical

  • Non needle.

  • Cost effective.

  • Can be used with Cavitation or Radio Frequency Treatment to boost results. 

"Had it with Cavitation and lost 10 inches from over my body"

D Stephenson - Waxahachie

"amazing product, it really does work"

J Glover - Palmer

"I was skeptical but the results speak for themselves, what a brilliant product, thank your"

A Washington - Red Oak.