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Public Comments


We at body beautiful TX use social media to interact with our customers and local businesses, we also use our Website to communicate with our customers.


We understand that everyone has their right of ‘Freedom of Speech’ however with that being said if a comment is made on any platform we may use that is deemed distasteful or offensive we reserve the right to delete those comments.


Examples of inappropriate use of comments:

· Disrespectful or obscene language or content

· Content that promotes fosters or perpetrates discrimination on the basis of Race, Creed, Colour, Age, Religion, Gender, Mental or Physical Disability, National origin or Sexual orientation.

· Solicitations of commerce

· Breaches on Copyright or trademarks

· Breach of confidential or non-public information


Please note that the comments that are expressed on the platforms we use do not reflect opinions and positions of Body Beautiful TX and its employees.


If you have any concerns relating to a particular comment, please contact our customer care team at